Quick Ceph Systems™
Quick Ceph® 2000
Simplify: Create a treatment plan with just a few mouse movements. Quickly teach your ideas to patients, partners, dentists, surgeons, and students. Concentrate on facial structures and beauty rather than on holding protractors to measure angles and distances. Let the computer generate numerous analyses, superimpositions, measurement tables, growth and treatment predictions, and much more with a simple touch of a button.
Impress: Present multiple treatment options with stunning images. Work with your patient when selecting the best treatment choice with confidence. Print, store, or e-mail your results. Make it easy for your colleagues to reliably reproduce your decisions. Become a better orthodontist by using Quick Ceph® 2000.
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The Smile Studio™Click for More Info
The Smile Studio was designed especially to help your patients make educated decisions as they invest in orthodontic and surgical treatment.
The Smile Studio contains beautifully illustrated, and clearly detailed orthodontic and orthognathic multimedia animations.
Making Sense of Cephalometrics™
Cephalometrics Refresher
This multimedia presentation is ideal as a refresher for the practicing orthodontist, and as an aid to the dental assistant, the graduate orthodontic student, the dental student, as well as those specialists in the dental profession who wish to gain a better understanding of cephalometric techniques and interpretation.

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